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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Purity of Product | Trust in the Brand

Consumer confidence in nutritional products
comes from manufacturing expertise, quality
assurance and regulatory compliance.

Vit-Best believes that the future growth of the
industry rests on maintaining consumer confidence
in the products that we produce.

The Vit-Best Regulatory Affairs, Document Control and Compliance Department provides a complete set of services to assist its clients, including:

  • Regulatory review and evaluation of consumer labels and labeling. 

  • Review of promotional, advertising printed materials, product disclosures and other documentation to ensure regulatory compliance. 

  • Creation of product regulatory dossiers for product marketing and global product registrations and renewals. 

  • Maintenance of site licenses and registrations, including issuance of Foreign Site Reference Number Authorization. 

  • Assistance in completing web-based product registration in compliance to retailer industry standard. 

  • Completion of audit questionnaires, third party Global Compliance Assessment and global platform. 


Maintenance of Raw Material Reference Database to respond to customer
inquiries on product ingredients’ regulatory status and compliance.


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