Ashok Sharma


Ashok Sharma
Vice President, Product Development

Ashok Sharma brings extensive nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry experience in product development, technical operations, quality systems and manufacturing to his role as Vit-Best’s Vice President of Product Development.

Prior to joining Vit-Best, Sharma served as a consultant with Western Pharma Consulting, Inc., where he provided technical services to both U.S. and international companies to help them maintain a competitive edge in the market place. Before that Sharma was the Manager of R&D at Jarrow Industries, Inc., where he was responsible for all formulations development activities.

The Sharma spent 27 years at Leiner Health Products, including 10 as Director of Technical Operations and 13 years as Plant Manager. Sharma’s major accomplishments at Leiner included product development, achieving costs savings through reformulation and process optimization, and managing the manufacturing plant with 300 employees and a fast-paced three-shift operation.

Sharma earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy at the L.M. College of Pharmacy in Ahemdabad, India. He has also completed a number of supplemental courses in manufacturing and management.